Ayesha’s Problem

I recently met a girl, say Aysha, who thinks she should break the friendship with her friend because she doesn’t like the friend’s personal life anymore.

Here is what happened.

Her friend just started dating a married man, who has 2 children and a wife. Aysha, strongly believe her friend is interfering and ruining a happy couple. Despite the fact that she has already talked her friend about that, they still have kept on dating. Ayesha now says she has only one option left – that’s not to be friends with the girl anymore.

One of the sentence I used in replying her was ‘Friendships are forever, no matter what.’ But she said its not.

Whats your advice to her? Would you think of doing  the same if you were Aysha?


Best Songs At The Moment

Here is a collection of the best songs for the moment. Most of the songs were the leading songs on wordwide topcharts. You can also download any song that you like. [ Right Click Download and Save Target As (Save Link As) ]

[ DOWNLOAD ] 1. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry
[ DOWNLOAD ] 2. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
[ DOWNLOAD ] 3. All Summer Long – Kid Rock
[ DOWNLOAD ] 4. Take A Bow – Rihanna
[ DOWNLOAD ] 5. Forever – Chris Brown
[ DOWNLOAD ] 6. When I Grow Up – The Pussycat Dolls
[ DOWNLOAD ] 7. Mercy – Duffy
[ DOWNLOAD ] 8. Violet Hill – Coldplay
[ DOWNLOAD ] 9. Lollipop – Lil Wayne
[ DOWNLOAD ] 10. Low (Feat. T.Pain) – Flo Rida
[ DOWNLOAD ] 11. Love in This Club – Usher
[ DOWNLOAD ] 12. Disturbia – Rihanna
[ DOWNLOAD ] 13. If I Never See Your Face (Ft. Maroon 5) – Rihanna
[ DOWNLOAD ] 14. 7 Things – Miley Cyrus
[ DOWNLOAD ] 15. No Air – Chris Brown
[ DOWNLOAD ] 16. 4 Minutes (Feat. Justin Timberlake) – Madonna
[ DOWNLOAD ] 17. All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter
[ DOWNLOAD ] 18. Touch My body – Mariah Carey
[ DOWNLOAD ] 19. Haunted – Rihanna
[ DOWNLOAD ] 20. Fire – 50 Cent & Nicole

Enjoy 😀

Relationship with Ex’s

It’s a fact that we lose friends in the course of life. Girlfriends and boyfriends as well. But is it really worth to leave ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends all alone on road?

I believe we should have a good relationship with the Ex’s. Those are the people we once shared our lives sharing secrets. Every relationship that a man or woman once creates does remain part of their lives forever. It is simply impossible to get rid off people who have been once close to you.

People may think that an Ex would create problem in social life and also can bring misfortune for your new life partner. But, in reality it is just the opposite. Definitely, he/she will understand that someone else has taken his/her position in life. If your ex really loves you, he/she would not come to interfere, but would definitely help you to prosper in life.

You can find hundreds of examples where x-friends are in touch with each other despite one or both being in new relationships. In most of the cases, the conversation may be friendly or intimate, but it is not the same as between real bf/gf talk. It would be more like a chit-chat with an old friend. So I find no reason, why its wrong to go out and spare sometimes with the Exs.

But it becomes challenging when our ex come to you to carry on a secret relationship, which your new partner may not be aware of. That’s the situation where we should be aware of and sometimes it is the situation where we loose control and commit a mistake.

Your new partner may have made a way into your soul, but that doesn’t mean that you will completely forget your old flame. New partner may seem diamond to your heart, but to wear that diamond you need gold, which surely replicates the idea of your Ex.

What you say? How do you manage the relationship with ex?

Photographed and Photoshopped it by Summer

Congratulations Maldivian National Football team for achieving an international Gold Medal for the first time.
Congratulations to all government staffs for getting an extra holiday.
Congratulations to all ‘boogal-masters’.
Congratulations to those who traveled to Colombo and went shopping from DRP and Dhiraagu Budget.

Pic: National Stadium, Maldives, Maldives Vs India (Group Match)

Why don’t men usually share their problems with partners?

This may be totally a preposterous question. One of the girls from my friend list asked me that question. But yeah, it’s true in most cases. Girls talk and share a lot about their personal lives, family problems, almost all of office incidences, and things in school. But when it comes to boys, when the girl says ‘whats wrong’, the most probable answer would be ‘nothing’, even if the girl indubitably knows something is very wrong somewhere. If the girl keep on asking, the boy may give a short snapshot, but generally will not go to a full and profound discussion.

Girls probably won’t know the answer. So, I m answering that question here, in my blog, for my friend.

Reasons: (Let’s see how many I can list)

1. We usually don’t want girls to think about our problems.
2. We don’t like drama like most of the girls.
3. We don’t want to get the sissy label of being sensitive.
4. We think sharing our deep feelings would lead to become losers in front of girls.
5. We want to act like hard-core players and like things don’t bother us. But feelings in our deep down hearts is another story. 😛
6. When we share things, it’s like sharing with the whole world. Girl’s bestfriends will know all that at the next moment.
7. We think we are able enough to solve our own problems.

Hope this is enough 🙂

photography by: Enwiie